Asamblea este sábado y pegada de carteles mañana

Hola compañer@s!

Este sábado hay una nueva convocatoria de la Asamblea de Aluche, a las  19h en la Pza del Metro Aluche. Mañana hay además pegada de carteles, l@s voluntari@s por favor acudid a las 22h a la Pza del Metro Aluche (por supuesto, también podéis imprimirlo y descargarlo por vuestra cuenta 😉 ). Podéis descargar el cartel de aquí.


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7 respuestas a Asamblea este sábado y pegada de carteles mañana

  1. Gerri dijo:

    I miss our ping pong games with Mabnres.…ald I TOLD you there was something strange about that cat. Nice, but terribly skittish. It all makes sense now.

  2. Yo! I was wanting your opinion on an 1/8 Brushless buggy. I like the HPI Vorza, but my budget is more along the lines of the Red Cat bacldraft. lol.. anyway I dont race, just bash, but I dont want junk. So any ideas?? Also a text reply is fine.Thanks man.

  3. Tellement vrai.L’Europe n’est plus qu’une ombre de l’idée originelle, et j’ai de plus en plus de mal à faire semblant d’être intéressé… Et les jérémiades des partis en lice n’aide pas vraiment à corriger le tir.

  4. Let me know the day that Saudi Arabia can threaten the USA with the words “if you don’t attack country X, then we will” and have the USA mainstream media report this as if it is a normal thing to do.

  5. of course, if you dont get them on your stories it will not aired and the poor Jurno will be called not happening person at the end. Anyways who care for the common man in all the stories we see either they drive to glamour quotient did anybody cover CST were atleast 100 poeple died.

  6. Shoot, so that’s that one supposes.

  7. There’s not much V/O when whizzing through on a PVR but I’d be inclined to agree that tail enders are cliche and probably more likely to be ignored.I wont bill you for this nugget 🙂

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